About Us



In a world where young minds are far too often conditioned to attribute part of their worth to the label sewn in their seams, we longed to not only unhinge that skewed perspective, but to also provide a substitute of substance.  While children’s clothing is oftentimes an afterthought of forward moving fashion, our brand begged to differ. 

At Gisele Closets, we knew that some of the best canvases for wearable creativity just so happened to love juice boxes and maybe even have nap times.  “And why stop there?” we thought.  For the precious window of time where they don’t talk back yet, why not curate coordinated style for mommy's and caregivers too?

We dared to believe that we could strike the cords of style for customers no matter their age, race, background, or budget. So, that’s what we set out to do: to make clothing that doesn’t “make” you.  We believe our customers’ individual essences already exist.  And that’s what makes our brand the most beautiful.    

About Us

Gisele Closets is a premiere purveyor of stylish and quality fashion essentials for mommy's and children everywhere.

Crafted with care and finished with finesse, each piece from our kid’s designer collection is affectionately named after children from around the globe.  We’d like to think that in some small way, we’re doing our due diligence to shine a light on global unity and cultural appreciation.

For moms we also offer both coordinating and “stand-alone” garments and accessories to salute your savvy.  For Moms-to-be, we fully support your taking full advantage of the glow, and offer sophisticated and chic maternity items as well.


From headbands to sneakers, Gisele Closets has you covered—literally.  Our boutique is proud to work with local and international designers to curate a fashion experience that is as broad as it is beautiful.